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Build Your Own Taco Plate - Poquito Loco Menu - Online Ordering

Build Your Own Taco Plate


Tacos topped with lettuce, shredded cheese & pico. 

Choose Your Tacos:
Ground Beef, Avocado, Black Bean & Avocado, Green Chile Pork, Tinga Chicken, al Pastor, Shredded Beef, Chicken Asada, Carne Asada

Choose Your Tortilla:
Corn, Flour

Choose Your Side:
Refried or Black Beans, Shoestring French Fries, Garden Salad

(Select 1) Choose Your Tacos:Ground Beef Avocado Black Bean & Avocado Green Chile Pork Tinga Chicken Al Pastor Shredded Beef Chicken Asada Carne Asada
(Select 1) Choose Your Tortilla:Corn Flour
(Select 1) Choose Your Side:Refried Beans Black Beans Shoestring French Fries Garden Salad